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Puzzle Feeders

Feeding your dog in a puzzle feeder instead of a regular bowl is one of the quickest and easiest ways to getting a better behaved dog.  Most feeders promote a dog’s natural instinct to use their nose and foraging instincts to “search” food out.  Puzzle Feeders are considered “enrichment”, meaning they promote natural behaviors and helps improve a dog’s quality of life.

Not all puzzle feeders are created equal though!  Many puzzle feeders on the market are flimsy and break easily or become too easy and boring once the dog gets used to them.  After testing several puzzle feeders I’ve reviewed my top three (3) most recommended choices, mostly due to their durability, capacity to hold a dog’s entire meal, and the duration they keep the dog engaged!

Bob-a-Lot, by Starmark

1. The Large size holds 2 cups of food.
2. It’s made in colors that dogs see well.
3. Has 2 adjustable tabs at the openings to adjust the difficulty level.
4. Durable and strong enough to withstand most large dogs.

1. If the lid isn’t tightly secured, some dogs can get the lid off of the toy and chew the opening.
2. It can take a minute to load if using more than 1/2 cup of food.


Kong Wobbler Review

Kong Wobbler

1. The Large size holds more than 2 cups of food.
2. Very durable and resistant to heavy chewing.
3. Easy to clean.
4. Very easy to load large amounts of food quickly!

1. Dogs cannot see the color red.
2. The opening cannot be customized for difficulty.  (Putting a tennis ball or other toy in with the kibble is a good “hack” to make this feeder more difficult!)


Snuffle Mat Review

Snuffle Mat
(Many Brands & Styles Available)

1. Most styles have a large capacity to hold a dog’s entire meal.
2. Easy for dogs to learn to use.
3. Good for anxious dogs who are afraid of some food puzzles.
4. Easy to load large amounts of food quickly!
5. Really good for engaging the dog’s sense of smell.
6. You can make your own at home.

1. Some brands have a weak backing that can be chewed.  Be sure to choose one with a durable backing!

About the Author
Kit Perry is the owner of Creature Coach, LLC in Denton County, Texas. She is a trainer and behavior consultant, and specializes in dogs.