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Training without Treats


My dog won’t sit if I don’t have a treat!
Many of you notice your dog won’t listen unless you have
a treat in your hand. Treats enhance training because they
work well and can help us get fast results, but it’s
important to identify other things your dog can work for.
Some rewards I frequently use are: access to go out a
door (especially for a walk); going in the car; getting out
of the car; playing with another dog; greeting a favorite
person; access to a favorite toy; and chasing a ball.
Having your dog sit immediately before they earn one of
these rewards will help them to listen more reliably and
in a variety of contexts! This helps you build your dog’s
training into their everyday routine, so the training is
consistent. Each dog is different, so make sure your dog
wants what you are asking them to work for.

About the Author
Kit Perry is the owner of Creature Coach, LLC in Denton County, Texas. She is a trainer and behavior consultant, and specializes in dogs.